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4446 A case of secondary hyperparathyroidism associated aldosteronism in patient with acute heart failure after ST elevation myocardial infarction 최동현 2018-09-03 출력 발송완료
4445 2018 약리포스터 이현정 2018-08-28 출력 발송완료
4444 IC3EM 이호년 2018-08-27 출력 발송완료
4443 Administration of proteasome inhibitors protected gallstone formation by maintaining bile acid homeostasis 박주원 2018-08-24 출력 발송완료
4442 Improved Fluorescent Antibody to Membrane Antigen Test using Flow Cytometry for the Measurement of the Immunity against Varicella Zoster Virus 김윤화 2018-08-21 출력 발송완료
4442 Follow-up Study on Immunogenicity of Zoster Vaccine in Korean Adults by gpEIA kit and IFN-γ ELISpot assay 김윤화 2018-08-21 출력 발송완료
4441 aa 2018-08-21 출력 발송완료
4440 Full validation of metformin in human bloods using volumetric absorptive microsampling 하나 2018-08-14 출력 발송완료
4439 Variability of HbA1c and glucose associated with risk of Macro-and microvascular disease in general population. 장지용 2018-08-08 출력 발송완료
4438 Enzymatic syntheses of galactoside derivatives of chlorphenesin, 2-pheoxyethanol, and 1, 2-hexanediol by β-galactosidase and their characteristics 정경환 2018-08-05 출력 발송완료
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