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4406 포스터-ICQI2018 황재연 2018-05-09 출력 발송완료
4405 The Association Between Relative Muscle Strength and Hyperuricemia 박두용 2018-05-08 출력 발송완료
4404 코어 트레이닝이 복싱선수의 체력, 요부 등속성 근기능 및 신체구성에 미치는 영향 안성호 2018-05-07 출력 발송완료
4403 Effectiveness and postoperative wound infection of preperitoneal pelvic packing in patients with hemodynamic instability caused by pelvic fracture 장지영 2018-05-04 출력 발송완료
4402 Natural evolution of ductus arteriosus with non-interventional conservative management in extremely preterm infants at 23-28 weeks of gestation 양미선 2018-05-01 출력 발송완료
4401 Analysis of Korean physics teachers’ difficulty in teaching textbook inquiry 이봉우 2018-04-25 출력 발송완료
4400 Vitamin D deficiency is associated with severe acute pancreatitis 김현경 2018-04-19 출력 발송완료
4399 Clinical Significance of Carotid Plaque Change in Patients Undergone Percutaneous Coronary Intervention 박종선 2018-04-16 출력 발송완료
4398 Risk of developing colorectal cancer based on the prior screening behaviors: Population-based cohort study. 김현경 2018-04-10 출력 발송완료
4397 초고령 사회를 대비한 치과진료 R&D 개발방향 곽정민 2018-04-09 출력 발송완료
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