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4514 HOMA_2019_췌담도학회 소화기내과 2019-04-19 출력 발송완료
4513 IMKASID 2019 포스터 발표 소화기내과 2019-04-09 출력 발송완료
4512 Mental Health and Quality of Life among Caregivers of ADHD Children 김수인 2019-04-07 출력 발송완료
4511 Case report ; case report; Treatment of Patient with Radiation - induced Oral mucositis 임현대 2019-03-27 출력 발송완료
4510 Role of transient receptor potential vanilloid-3 (TRPV3) channel in dermal fibrosis 엄지영 2019-03-25 출력 발송완료
4509 A case-control study on the consideration of recommendation criteria for residential radon in South Korea 박응주 2019-03-18 출력 발송완료
4509 실내라돈 코호트 구축 및 추적 조사에 관한 연구 박응주 2019-03-18 출력 발송완료
4508 Performance measurement has a different prognostic implication in de novo vs. acute decompensated heart failure. Report from the KorAHF Registry 이정희 2019-03-13 출력 발송완료
4507 Analysis of At-risk Status Using the Korean-adapted ASQ and ASQ:SE of Young Children Who Are in Children’s Residential Care Homes 마은희 2019-03-12 출력 발송완료
4506 The association between knee osteoarthritis and coffee consumption in elderly Koreans 최성재 2019-03-08 출력 발송완료
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