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4550 AASLD_0439 소화기내과 2019-11-04 출력 발송완료
4550 AASLD_0443 소화기내과 2019-11-04 출력 발송완료
4549 The Development of ZnDDP Analysis Method for Antiwear Additive 이다슬 2019-11-01 출력 발송완료
4548 임상시험 승인 데이터 시각화를 위한 Shiny 기반의 데이터 시각화 패키지 개발 김민지 2019-10-31 출력 발송완료
4547 A Case of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Associated with Severe Hyperosmolar Hypernatremic State and Thrombosis in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 김용혁 2019-10-24 출력 발송완료
4546 Cortical correlates of creative thinking assessed by the figural Torrance Test of Creative Thinking 함자랑 2019-10-22 출력 발송완료
4545 The efficiency of Whole-body bone scan to detect missed skeletal injury in trauma patients 정재식 2019-10-15 출력 발송완료
4544 A benzothiazole-based azo compound as chemosensor for detecting Cu2+ and S2- in aqueous media 박선민 2019-10-08 출력 발송완료
4543 IVTPA and aneurysm 김서현 2019-10-06 출력 발송완료
4542 An out-of-hospital cardiac arrest surviving after use of AED by untrained layperson with dispatcher assistance 문준동 2019-09-30 출력 발송완료
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