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4430 Numerical Study of Liquid Transport through a Porous Medium 손기헌 2018-06-25 출력 발송완료
4429 An Anatomic Study of the Zygomaticus Minor Muscle Connecting the Orbital and Mouth Regions 허미선 2018-06-25 출력 발송완료
4428 antivegf meta analysis 지동현 지동현 2018-06-21 출력 발송완료
4427 Adipose-derived stem cells ameliorate colitis by suppression of inflammasome formation and regulation of M1-macrophage population through prostaglandin E2 김정현 2018-06-18 출력 발송완료
4426 Computational measurement of tumor immune microenvironment in gastric adenocarcinomas 허유정 2018-06-15 출력 발송완료
4425 Effects of Cholesterol Levels on Outcomes of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest 김종환 2018-06-12 출력 발송완료
4424 Performance of shear-wave elastography to detect high-risk esophageal varices in cirrhosis is improved by spleen stiffness estimation 김현경 2018-06-12 출력 발송완료
4423 The Experiences of Main Family Caregivers about Care Support of Dementia Support Center 이영희 2018-06-11 출력 발송완료
4422 Effects of Two Microalgae on Gut Microbiota 진종범 2018-06-11 출력 발송완료
4421 Graph theoretical analysis of brain networks in Parkinson’s disease patients with beta-amyloid positive 김진희 2018-06-11 출력 발송완료
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